Production & M2M Solutions

Electro-Mechanical device production portal facilitates Quality assessment and observation results tracking, supply chain optimization, worker safety, equipment health status, quality prediction, for efficient and productive manufacturing.

Vision AI

Event based Image capturing, image database management, Image processing, Image analytics cloud.

Fleet Management & Tracker

Fleet management, vehicle tracking and Asset tracking system. Online live monitoring of all active assets. Facilitates the vehicle to vehicle intelligent communication & next generation connected car operations.


Facilitates real time observation of the elevators, installation site management, remote parameters setting, operation analytics and online diagnostic system.

Electronic Price Tag

Electronic price tag, controls the price of any number of tags of the malls and convenience store chain centrally. Facilitates the possibilities of all-important intelligent analytics used in FMCG sector.

Smart & Secure Home

Home automation portal. Control anything at home from anywhere. Facilitates luxurious convenience, efficiency and productivity.

Smart Lighting

Individual, Group and Street Light management cloud. Facilitates light timing, brightness control, on-off control, sensor integration and energy analytics and optimization.

Smart Agriculture

Facilitates soil sensing, growth monitoring, whether observation and forecasting, manage the water supply and complete end to end irrigation, crop management, expert consultation and e-commerce.

Connected Vending Machine

Facilitates vending machine location, online monitoring for the vending operations, stock management, product sales analytics, sales predictions and stock refilling notification.

Solar Energy Cloud

Facilitates real time monitoring and controlling the solar power plant, sensing the dust over the panel and cleaning requirement notification as well ass automated solar panel cleaning.

Smart Hospital

Patient tracking and monitoring, Body health parameters monitoring, Hospitals asset tracking, Patient fall detection. Custom Alert and Notification.

Smart & Secure Building

Facilitates alerts and notification for events from activities from doors, windows, gates, elevators. Fire, smoke and gas detection events, Energy control and optimization.