Our team IDEA is Innovation Digitization Engineering Artificial-intelligent

In this era of Technology Disruption, We are contributing in technology innovation, product digitization, intelligent products development, finding simple solutions of the complex problems and caring about mother nature.

Cloud Features

Water Management System

Water management system cloud. Facilitates data acquisition from the level sensors and flow meters, pump control, consumption analysis, water infrastructure design and management. closed loop PH control management and water quality sensing and notification.


Facilitates data acquisition from all kinds of switch inputs, digital binary events. Control Setting dashboard and custom analytics.

Wireless Sensor Network

Facilitates data acquisition from all kinds of sensors input, control & parameter settings, custom analytics, insights & custom prediction models.

Our Services

Hardware Design Engineering and Manufacturing

Microcontroller, DSP, FPGA, Wireless SOCs, Wearables, Medical device Hardware design, Mechanical design and end to end EMS and QA service provider.

Software & Application

End to End IOT products development service provider. Cloud, Mobile and PC application development.

IOT Data Science

Attempting Digitization of any use-case and any application. Providing service in End to End cyle from Data Acquisition, Data Cloud connectivity, Data analytics and prediction

Why choose us

Responsive block with counters and media.


Best in hardware devices, business and operation management solutions provides maximum security fort customer’s peace of mind for the digitalization opportunities.


Economic benefits of the cloud translate to new revenue streams. Small businesses can grow while maintaining the bottom line, while large enterprises can build and extend cloud investments.


Operational benefits of cloud include reducing time-to-market and connecting distributed, cross-disciplinary teams while improving effectiveness and efficiency at any scale.


Digitalization in cloud computing helps drive business forward with both speed and agility while continuing to maintain the highest of quality standards.


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